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Thin, Fine, Or Thinning Hair?

Author: Hazel Leong

Alopecia Areata
Alopecia areata is an immune disease that affects almost 2% of the population in the US. This type of hair loss appears in various degrees of severity from small, round patches of hair loss that regrow without medical treatment to chronic, extensive hair loss that can involve the loss of all hair on the scalp or body hair. This type of hair loss affects both genders equally and can occur at any age, although it occurs most often in children and young adults.

Orthodox Treatments for Hair Loss
Doctors aim to treat the underlying cause. If a patient has iron deficiency anaemia they'll be given iron tablets. If current medication seems to be causing hair loss, GPs may consider prescribing alternative medication or changing the dosage. In certain cases, they may also suggest minoxidil liquid to encourage hair growth or recommend hair transplants.

Thin, fine or thinning hair?
These three terms are often used in the same breath when talking about thinning hair. However, they each mean something different.

1. Thin hair
If you have thin hair, it means you physically have a small number of hair follicles on your scalp. Blondes normally have the most hairs, around 140,000, with redheads having fewer, around 90,000.

2. Fine hair
Although blondes have more hair follicles, the actual diameter of their hair strands are normally smaller, making it appear 'fine'. Hairs that are coarse have wider, 'thicker' hairs.

3. Thinning hair
When hair is thinning, it means that the scalp is in the process of losing hair. This can be due to a variety of conditions. The most common cause is androgenetic alopecia (hereditary hair loss).

Treatment for Alopecia Areata
Treatment of this type of hair loss includes immunomodulating therapies such as glucocorticoids, topical immunotherapy, or anthralin, or biologic-responce modifiers such as Minoxidil. The choice of treatment depends on the patient's age, as well as the extent of hair loss. Milder cases often see a greater improvement with treatment than severe cases. In no case does treatment restore full hair in patients with 100% scalp or body hair loss.

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About the Author:
Although blondes have more hair follicles, the actual diameter of their hair strands are normally smaller, making it appear 'fine'.

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