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Male Pattern Baldness and Fertility

MN Nikk

Pattern baldness is the bane of aging men everywhere. Contrary to what most people believes, there are few evidences that points out age as major cause of loss of hair. There is a sort of pride in the heart of a man who knows that there is enough hair on his head because he can still claim that his old age is years away and that the vigour of youth has not departed. Unfortunately, the body decides all on its own when to increase and decrease the production of androgens, the hormones that are responsible for the normal sexual development of males.

Although hormones are only part of the problem, researchers are still unsure about other causes for this condition. The list of suspects includes coronary heart disease and high blood pressure, prostate cancer, diabetes, obesity and the metabolic syndrome. It is known, however, that the steady drop in the level of androgens secreted by the body is linked to both hair loss and lower fertility levels as the amount of testosterone, but the question remains whether the problem lies with inadequate amounts of this hormone or the bodyís failure to convert it into the androgen needed to keep hair at normal levels.

Nevertheless, a drop in the total testosterone produced by the body means that less spermatozoids are found in the sperm. Testosterone is required in significant concentrations in order to maintain the generation of spermatozoids and a lack of the required amount lead to a lower sperm count. The good news is that men donít have to accept the situation and have a couple of tricks at their disposal. Testosterone production is linked to the exercise of masculine traits, especially strength, and physical effort. This is the very thing that allows men to stave off or even reverse pattern baldness.

Statistical data published in Japan show that a diet rich in calories and high fat, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle has triggered a massive increase in the number of reported pattern baldness cases. Such a connection between the modern lifestyle and baldness means that some men can rid themselves of this problem by trying to live a rugged life. If the receding hairline is a problem, you should go to the gym, run in the park and switch to a healthier diet, rich in vegetables and fruit. Avoid fatty foods and calorie-rich burgers. A healthier diet would also help you lose some weight and improve your looks.

The bottom line is that you donít have to be resigned that pattern baldness or lower fertility are inevitable at your age. Odds are that you can beat them by changing your lifestyle. Putting down the remote and getting off the couch means enjoying more sex, not to mention a slimmer body and more hair on your head. Eating veggies and fruits will keep your heart and arteries in shape and let you pump away in bed without crashing and burning in less than five minutes. A good-looking body, a great sex life and plenty of energy will put a smile on your face and keep your self-confidence high as a kite. What more could you ask for?

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