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Healthy Hair Is Not For Everyone!

Author: Brittney Foster

Most women and even men forget that hair products can actually help with the health of your hair. However most choose products based on how they make your hair look. For example hair shampoos can help with the protein structure of the hair but this only helps with the cosmetic portion of the hair and does nothing to actually help with the root of the hair and that it where the health of the hair starts. Most of the people that use brand name hair care do so at the advice of the hair stylist and while the stylist have a very good idea of what can make your hair look its best but are those products really best for your hair? The answer is that stylist don't really know of good products when it comes to the healthy part of the hair growth cycle.

Hair grows in cycles and these cycles cause the hair to fall after about a 6 year growth cycle. This means that there are six healthy years of growth where the proper nutrition can help with the hair. So what is the proper nutrition for hair. You should be sure to start with amino acids and then with the b vitamins. Amino acids make up protein structures, which in turn make up the hair structure. So if you want healthier hair then the first component is the amino acid combination that you can feed the hair through the body or through the hair topically. This means that vitamins that are taken by mouth that are loaded with amino acids work very well as well as those that are applied directly to the hair. You can find vitamin shampoos and conditioners that have these amino acid combinations in them. They are very similar to most salon grade shampoos that leave hair very moisturized and ready for styling. If you are wanting something that acts like the name brands like Redken but has the amino acids that you need for healthy hair then try Healthy Hair Plus brand of products as we have a vitamin shampoo that uses over 20 different amino acids that are loaded into the shampoo. The shampoo also has herbal extracts in combination, which builds volume into the hair as well.

Another important aspect of healthy hair are the entire b group of vitamins and finding these in shampoos can be a vital component of getting your hair healthy again. These b vitamins are important for structuring the hair protein chains and this gets hair back into the process of growing healthy hair. We suggest that you search high and low for shampoos that are loaded with vitamins but you will have a hard time finding your grocery store and even salon grade shampoos that have the b group of vitamins. You will find that most grocery store shampoos are simply the surfactant, fragrance and a little bit of herbal extract. While they smell pretty they are simply stripping hair of vital nutrition that hair is desperate need of to get healthy again. While you may search for these shampoo and conditioners you will find that they are indeed worth it.

There is a process to healthy hair but if you pay attention to the correct listing of ingredients in products you will find that most products on the market do nothing for creating the health of your hair instead they strip it of vital components that hair is shouting for to keep it healthy. So here is exactly what you are not looking for in shampoos. Stay away from Sodium Laurel Sulfate. In our opinion sodium laureth sulfate is ok but laurel sulfate and ammonium laureth or laurel are both bad so we suggest staying away from them both. Sodium olefin and sodium laureth are not as bad as the others. You will also want to stay away from mineral oils and pertolatums on the scalp as well as drying alcohol that can be found in hair gels. It is almost impossible to stay away from alcohols in hair sprays. As matter of fact, unless you are using a pump hair spray then you will not be able to stay away from alcohol.

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About the Author:
Who doesn't want full Healthy Hair? These days with sun damage and chemicals it is hard to come by. We offer a solution. We have Vitamins For Hair Loss in a natural based shampoo.

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