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Easy and Effective Hair Loss Remedy

Author: Dr John Anne

Hair loss is one of the most common problem that has rooted it self globally. It not only affects men but women are also equally affected. Contemporary medicine has no cure for it. But age-old health science has mentioned various herbs that have proven there worth in retarding the hair loss and improving the hair growth.

Hair Loss Causes

Below are the few causes that are the major reasons for hair fall.

Diseased or health disturbances
Certain medications.
Alopecia areata
Use of chemicals on hairs
Poor or malnutrition.
Disrupted hair growth cycle
Male pattern baldness
Iron deficiency
Contraceptive pills
Hormonal imbalances
Hereditary factors

Hair Loss Treatment

Below are few of the herbs that are very effective in treating and curing hair related problems

Amla amla very commonly known as Amalaki is a very prestigious ayurvedic herb that has the wonderful properties of ayurveda. It is one of the best anti-oxidant agents that not only helps in preventing early aging signs but also is very helpful in preventing premature graying of hairs. It is a magical herb for hairs. It helps in rejuvenating the hairs and promotes there growth. It helps in redefining the root of hairs there by facilitating the nutrition to them. It also helps in improving the circulation in the scalp when massaged on it as oil. It is also helpful in promoting hair growth when taken orally.

Bhringraja - it can be called as a blessed herb that is helpful in treating many diseases. It is a wonder herb that has great efficacy in curing any kind of diseases related to hairs. It has the potential to increase the blood circulation to the scalp there by increasing the nutrition intake of the hair root. As the hair roots are properly fed, it enhances the growth of hair. It is also helpful in improving the hair texture. It helps in making your hairs more shiner and full of life. It is also helpful in increasing the length as well as volume of hairs.

Margosa it is known as neem. It is one of the most potent herb that has been a benediction to man kind. It is a multipurpose herb that has the power to heal various diseases. It is a wonderful ayurvedic herb that is also very beneficial for treating the various hair related problems. It helps in curbing any infection that might occur on the scalp and in the blood. It also helps in cooling the body down therefore promoting the hair growth.

Coconut coconut is one of the best herbs that have the capacity to stop hair fall. Coconut is itself a magical tree and its each and every part is being used. From roots to even leaves. Foe hairs coconut oil and coconut milk are being used. Since time immemorial people have being using coconut oil and coconut milk to get rid of their hair problems and enhancing its growth. Coconut is widely used world wide to improve the hair problems. It has certain agents that are very helpful in promoting hair growth. It is also helpful in avoiding the premature graying of hairs. It is also a wonderful herb for relaxing the mind and body. It helps in cooling down of the head there by helps in releasing the stress.

Henna leaves - since ages henna power has been used in India not only to color hairs but also to provide hairs with nourishment. It nurtures the hairs. It is one of the best hair tonics that help in providing life to hairs. When ever the paste of henna is being applied ion the scalp and hairs it soon penetrates in to the hair roots thereby acting on the hair root locally. It not only provides hairs with the proper nourishments but also helps in suppresses any kind of infection that might be the reason of hair fall of various other ailments. Being cool in nature it helps in cooling down the body therefore acting as natural relaxant.

Licorice licorice is commonly known as yastimadhu in ayurvedic language. it is one of those herbs that are very effective in treating various diseases. Though yastimadhu is used maximum in throat related problems but it also plays a great role in hairs related problems. It helps in increasing the blood supply towards the scalp and hence providing nourishment and oxygen to the hair roots.

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