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Different Types Of Alopecia

Dalvin Rumsey

Depending on the amount of hair a person looses, alopecia is a disease that can have many different types, each having other causes. Whether it is a total hair loss, a patchy hair loss or a localized hair loss, alopecia is a disease that affects many people.

Because of some specific changes within the structure of the hair itself, a person may experience a form of temporary hair loss, which is called alopecia areata. The young people and the older ones can equally be affected by this condition. This is why it can be a very frightening disease, especially because this type of hair loss can appear suddenly, rather than over a gradual period of time.

Most often, alopecia areata takes the form of a patchy hair loss. This type of hair loss may look like a circular or coin shaped bald spot. Researchers have stated that this type of hair loss could be due to some type of autoimmune disorder. frequently, individuals who experience this form of hair loss will see their hair grow back within due time; however some individuals who experience recurring episodes throughout their lives.

Alopecia areata can affect any other area for instance beards and other facial hair as well as the hair covering the scalp. Most patients have regained their hair after recovering from the illness, but some of them say that the hair is not like the one they have lost.

Should a person experience total loss of hair, rather than hair loss appearing in patches, the condition is then called alopecia totalis. The recovery odds in this case are not as good, as patients noticed that the hair is usually much thinner after the recovery. Not to speak about the fact that the hair may never completely grow back. Alopecia universalis is very much like alopecia totalis, with the single difference that it affects all of the body hair and not just the scalp hair. Only a small percentage of people diagnosed with this form of alopecia have their hair grow back again.

Many medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, may also be the cause of alopecia. In this particular situation, the disease is called alopecia medicamentosa and is usually a temporary thing. The most extreme cases are the ones when children are born with no body hair whatsoever. This is known as alopecia congenitalis and is said to occur very rarely.

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