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Causes of Hair Loss - Can You Avoid Them?

As it turns out with the causes of hair loss, some can be avoided, but some can't be.

The causes, such as your diet, the way you care for and style your hair, the amount of stress in your life, some illegal drugs etc. are controllable by you.

However, there are causes which are not controllable by you such as genetics (inherited male pattern baldness), changes in the hormone levels (menopause and pregnancy), certain diseases (diabetes), some medications used in the treatment of illnesses and diseases, cancer drugs and treatments, even surgeries, etc.

* By eating a protein rich diet, having protein powder shakes or supplements, you can stop hair loss due to poor eating habits and lack of protein. Also other supplements like zinc are good for your hair.

Keeping a balanced diet and making sure you get a lot of nutrious fruit and vegies, as well as taking a good multi-vitaminwill also be effective in making sure that your hair stays thicker and healthier.

* Of course another reason for hair loss is from the way that you care for your hair. Brushing often and removing the hair that has died. If dead hair is brushed away, it will allow another hair to grow underneath it.

, if it is kept in the hair for a long period, it will suffocate the root of the hair and another hair will not be able to replace the dead hair in the same area.

Do you regularly wash your hair to remove the dirt that stops the hair root from growing. Washing, as does brushing, helps to move the hair nutriets around the scalp.

Do you use a blow dryer, curlers, or a curling iron? Keep the heat down. The high heat, over time, is bad for your hair.

How do you style your hair? Perms, straightners and some shampoos damage you hair every time you use them. Also pulling on your hair, such as with pigtails or tight rollers is damaging and can potentially cause condition known as traction alopecia.

* When stress begins to take place in your body, it causes your hormones, as well as the balance of your body to change. There may be an excess of hormone that is produced in order to try to balance your body. This may then go into the scalp area and begin causing hair loss. This hair loss will likely be noticeable after two to four months.

Fortunately there are a number of things that you can do in order to stop it. When you eliminate the stress, the hormone levels, you return to eatting a healthy diet and the production of particular nutrients, your hair will quite often grow back as healthy as it once was..

You need a variety of ways to relax yourself. Deep breathing, meditation techniques, and exercise can be used to let go of daily problems and will help to reduce the stress levels.


Knowing why hair loss occurs will go a long way in help you in preventing hair loss. By taking care of your hair, as well as understanding how different things will affect hair loss.

Gaining the right information about hair loss and knowing how it will affect you are the first step to keeping healthy hair.

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